FNRad Snowboard Podcast Season 8 Episode 2 - Jeremy Jones


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Jeremy Jones grew up racing in New England before switching his focus to freeriding, and taking his technical riding skills to the best mountains on the planet. Two decades of bold first descents and standard setting foot powered backcountry snowboarding expeditions around the world earned Jeremy eleven Big Mountain Rider of the Year awards from Snowboarder Magazine, and a 2013 Adventurer of The Year accolade from National Geographic. Jeremy has starred in over fifty snowboard movies including his signature Teton Gravity Research produced films, Ode To Muir, Life Of Glide, and the DEEPER, FURTHER, HIGHER trilogy. In 2007, Jeremy founded Protect Our Winters, a global cause uniting the winter sports community against climate change. He was named a Champion of Change by President Barack Obama in 2013 for his work with the non-profit organization. A lifelong passion for snowboard design led him to launch his own brand, Jones Snowboards offering the most responsibly made and high performance technical outerwear, snowboards, splitboards and backcountry accessories out there. In recent years, Jeremy has focused on exploring his home mountain range, California's Sierra Nevada, where he lives in the town of Truckee with his wife Tiffany and two kids. I caught him at Mt Hood this summer and took a lap with the legend himself before sitting down at Timberline Lodge for this interview.
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