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In the last episode of this series of Flight Through Entirety, we fly through the first year of Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor, snogging, marrying and avoiding things, and responding to some of our listeners’ most pressing questions. More New Paradigm Daleks? Fewer Silurians? More Richard Curtis episodes? More series of Doctor Who just as good as this one?

Notes and links

Thank you to our listeners Luke Hobbs, Bob Gilbey, Si Hart, Erik Stadnik and Liam McNicholas for their questions this week.

Among the Steven Moffat comedies we mention this week are Joking Apart and our favourite teen drama of all time, Press Gang. We recommend watching all of Press Gang repeatedly, for the rest of your life, but you can safely drop out of Joking Apart at the end of Series 1.

Naturally, Big Finish have already released one box set featuring Arthur Darvill as the Lone Centurion, Volume 1, with Volume 2 scheduled for release in 2022. I’m still holding out for the Amelia Rumsford box sets myself. Don’t say it.

Peter and Nathan both think that in this era River Song plays a similar role to the Brigadier in the Classic Series. Of course, the first person to make this point on FTE was friend-of-the-podcast Johnny Spandrell in our Forest of the Dead episode, aptly named Our New Brigadier.

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