Episode 157: Recap of the 19th Annual ISSN Conference in Florida


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  • Dr. Guillermo Escalante - The Science and Application of Fasted vs. Fed Cardio for Fat Loss
  • Mona Rosene, MS, RD - NAD, Muscle and Athletic Performance: Current Research and Future Needs sponsored by ChromaDex
    • Supplements
    • Conclusions
  • Dr. Scott Forbes - This Will Blow Your Mind - Creatine and cognition
  • Wendy Irlbeck, MS, RDN, LD, CISSN - Practical Applications for Fueling Today's Young Athletes
  • Akihito Nishimura, MS - Citocoline - A Potent Brain Health Nutrient and Nootropic sponsored by Kyowa Hakko
    • Is it beneficial in a healthier population?
    • Is it beneficial in a younger population?
  • Dr. Karen Hecht - Astaxanthin as a Dietary Tool for Exercise Training sponsored by AstraReal
    • What it is and what it does
    • My thoughts
  • Dr. Helena Yardley - The Science of Cannabidiol
    • Where the industry is headed
    • CBD and pain relief
    • Dosing
  • Dr. Kirk Escobar - The Evolutionary Inertia of Weight Loss and Body Recomposition
    • Changes in RMR from the stone age
    • Efficiency
    • How to overcome adaptation
  • Katie Emerson, MS RD - nooLVL - A Non-stimulant Nootropic, sponsored by Nutrition 21
  • Dr. Jason Cholewa - Caffeine supplementation: What are the effects of CYP1A2 and ADORA2A genes, paraxanthine, and habitual caffeine consumption on resistance exercise and jumping performance
  • Dr. Yala Stevens - The Effects of Citrus Flavonoids on Exercise Performance: an RCT sponsored by Bio Actor
    • Supplement
  • Dr. Mark Willems - Anthocyanin-Rich Supplementation: Potential for Sport and Exercise Nutrition
    • New Zealand Black Current research
  • Dr. Brandon Roberts - The Dose-Response Effects of Arachidonic Acid on Primary Human Skeletal Myoblasts
  • Dr. Jonathan Mike - I Like Big Recovery and I Cannot Lie: Sports Supplements You Can't Deny
  • Dr. Lonnie Lowery - Polyphenols as Potential Ergogenic and Body Composition Modulators
  • Dr. Adam Gonzalez - Citrulline and Resistance Exercise Performance
    • Two forms
    • Vasodilation
    • Takeaway
  • Dr. Marcas Bamman - Convergence of Exercise Biology and Machine-Learning to Understand Response Heterogeneity
    • Physiology is a demand-based system
    • Responders and non-responders

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