Hurricane Ian, Judicial Leniency, Rockstar Lawsuit Expands and New Alleged Murdaugh Conspirators


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It was a blustery edition of our popular ‘Week In Review’ program as we filmed the show during amid the arrival of Hurricane Ian – which made landfall near Georgetown, South Carolina on Friday afternoon as a strong category one storm. With the exception of some intense coastal flooding and the destruction of the Pawleys Island pier, Ian’s impact on the Palmetto State paled in comparison to the deadly destruction in wrought on Florida three days ago.

More than two dozen people are confirmed dead in the Sunshine State after Ian struck its gulf coast on Wednesday as a category four storm – doing billions of dollars in damage. Meanwhile, more than 1.3 million Floridians were still without power as of Saturday morning.

By comparison, an estimated 65,000 people were without power in South Carolina as of Saturday morning.

In addition to our coverage of the storm, this week brought a renewed focus on the Palmetto State’s "injustice” system - notably the many ethically challenged state lawmakers whose cozy relationships with the judges they appoint continues to corrupt that system.

A pair of lawyer-legislators attempted to defend that system this week after I called out another judge for the unconscionably, inexcusably lenient sentence he doled out to a violent criminal earlier this month.

How did the debate end for these lawyer-legislators? Poorly ... very poorly.

Look for this issue to be addressed more competitively this week when we welcome a special guest to our studios ...

This week also brought another major expansion of the Cheer Incorporated scandal, some significant developments in the 'Murdaugh Murders’ crime and corruption saga and a pair of big political stories.

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