Alex Murdaugh At Moselle During Murders, Bowen Turner Case Not Closed - Week in Review


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It was a big week for news in South Carolina as Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell and Will Folks broke a trio of big exclusives related to the still-unraveling ‘Murdaugh Murders’ crime and corruption saga.

Will and Liz discussed all of these new developments in depth in our increasingly popular ‘Week in Review’ segment … which recaps the big stories we broke (or covered) over the previous seven days.

We also took a closer look at the latest developments in the still-unfolding Bowen Turner saga – with Farrell and Folks offering their takes on where that story could be headed. Also, I am continuing to work on our documentary of the Bowen Turner saga as a case study in South Carolina’s “injustice system.”

Finally, there’s a new sheriff in the South Carolina House of Representatives – but unlike the “Queen’s coronation” coverage provided by the Palmetto State’ mainstream media, Will came loaded for bear when it comes to assessing his potential impact on a host of important outcomes in the Palmetto State.

Here are the show notes and don’t forget you can now access the show on Apple and Spotify …




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