Episode 261: Get Rid of Stubborn Fat with Dr. Sylvia Tara


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Welcome back!
In this episode our special guest is Dr. Sylvia Tara. Sylvia Tara holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California at San Diego and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Tara was a consultant with McKinsey & Company and has worked at the world's largest biotechnology companies. She is the author of The Secret Life of Fat, that was turned into PBS Nova special.
In our conversation, we cover:
1:00 What is the secret to fat
4:14 Losing Weight is not about empty fat cells
5:50 Stubborn Fat Loss
7:30 Leptin Secret
10:00 Dieting Forever
11:40 Lustig and Sugar
13:00 Keto and Fasting
14:00 Fasting
15:00 Adherence is the key to dieting
16:30 Set Points
18:30 Fat Gain
19:40 Adiponectin
23:30 Dexa Scanning
23:20 Bod Pod
24:00 Testosterone and Growth Hormone
25:00 Sleep
26:00 Difference between women
27:00 Growth Hormone and Sleep
28:00 Ghrelin and Exercise
29:00 The importance of leafy greens
30:00 Micro Biom
31:00 Making sense of it all
32:00 Stubborn fat
33:30 Increase fiber to grow biom
35:00 Insulin is satieting
36:00 Widening the fasting window
38:00 Set Point and Calories
39:00 Calories In/Calories Out
42:00 The frustration of stubborn fat
44:00 Self Control
46:00 Temptation bundling
46:00 Take a Break
47:15 Falling off the rails
52:20 National Weight loss Registry
56:30 Never let a problem get too big
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Or her website:
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