Episode 255: Fire Department Chronicles Is Back With Jason Patton


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Welcome back!
In this week's episode, our special guest is Jason Patton (Fire Department Chronicles and Fire Department Coffee). We cover many topics including becoming famous, staying grounded, mental health awareness month, and much more! Here is the complete rundown:
0:00 Intro
1:00 The Last 2 Years
3:30 New Discovery Channel Show
5:15 Basics of Mental Health
6:20 It's ok when you are down
7:30 How do you know when you have overreached?
8:40 Self Evaluation
9:30 Who helps you to stay humble?
10:45 Instagram Pulling People
11:30 Do I Have Control Over My Destiny?
13:30 Does Being A Fire Fighter Keep You Grounded?
14:20 Hanging With Stipe Mioci
16:00 Being a Famous Fire Fighter
17:20 What's The Worst Part About Being Famous?
18:10 Be Careful About Who You Surround Yourself With
19:20 Politics Of Being A Fire Fighter
20:41 Fire Fighters Don't Care
21:20 1st Amendment Rights
22:10 Cancel Culture
23:40 Learning From Fire Department Chronicles
24:30 Remaining Neutral in Videos
26:00 Men's Mental Health
27:30 How to Hug 101
28:40 Feeling Are A Beach Ball
29:40 How to Start a Heavy Conversation
30:00 Listen, Acknowledge, Validate
31:30 Stop Judging
32:30 Perception vs. Reality
33:20 Wake Up To Be Content
34:30 Trauma
36:00 Self Worth Was In The External
37:30 Everyone Has Problems
38:40 Sticks in a Bundle Are Unbreakable
39:10 Negativity
40:30 Being a Beacon
41:20 What Makes You Happy?
42:30 What Feels Heavy?
44:00 Fire Fighting Shows
45:00 Rescue Me
46:00 Suicide in Fire Fighting
47:15 Supporting Fire Fighters
48:30 Helping First Responders
49:30 Be True to Who You Are
51:00 Outro
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See you next time!

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