Low Risk R.E. Investing to Maximize Success- Andrew Abernathey #5275


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Summary: Are you curious about low risk avenues for investing within real estate? Today, I have Andrew Abernathy on the podcast to talk about storage units and warehouses, which have become a major sector of real estate. His company, Abernathy Holdings, focuses on development and vertical integration to maximize success and ensure that these investments make money back over time. Tune in to hear about this intriguing area of the industry and to hear about some of Abernathy’s methods. Highlights: -Storage units and warehouses are pretty low risk for investing, and they’ve developed over the years -The business has become very complex and sophisticated -Development and vertical integration are essential to making money in this sector -It’s all about location—even if it means spending $10k-$20k extra -Owning your own equipment dealership, garage dealership, and construction company results in lower costs throughout the process -They make money by developing; for the next ten years, they will be building, stabilizing, and selling -Their long term goal is to open one new facility a month -From approval to completion, the industry average is three years from start to stabilization—Abernathy’s company has been able to cut that into a couple years -Security is the no.1 focal point for clients—24/7 surveillance/watch -Abernathy is targeting the major cities (83% of the population) -The average person in the US rents six square feet per person -Taxes - $120k-$150k a year Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Andrew Abernathy Abernathy Holdings

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