Gifts for Impatient People (PATIENCE)


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I think we all have someone we're picturing in mind right now....(and if this person is you, you can just buy these for yourself).

================ LISTENER QUESTION/COMMENTS ================ Where on earth is all the money in the various stimulus packages coming from (Kayla, Cheyenne, Wyoming)

I can save about $15,000 per year. Should I be looking at a Roth IRA or use a 401k at work (Tyler, Arkansas)

Is an online kit available for about $100 to setup a trust ok to use (Gabrielle, WA)

What is the best account to hold a high yield dividend ETF (Amanda)

================ TOPICS =============== MONEY MORON MOMENT - How not to buy life insurance.

Has Cathie Wood lost her touch?

Zoom Class action lawsuit - get $15!

================ ENCORE ================ Gifts for impatient people:

Get your questions answered on the show:

Get your accounts in order with Optimize 401k:

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