Episode 43 - Signs from the universe with Chandni Chavda


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Chandni is going solo on this very personal episode. We are now over half way through 2021 and there has been A LOT of change in Chandni's life. This podcast is a reflection of the first half of the year, her insights and also the signs from the Universe which have guided her to where she is at.

On this episode, She talks openly about leaving her job, the aha moment she had for starting Fearless Females, what it has been like starting a new business from scratch, some behind the scenes on what she's been doing and the most recent change, her wedding planning and wedding day. It was great for her to reflect back on the year and see how far she has come without even planning for it. Chandni had no idea this is where she would be at this stage of her life and that’s the beauty of the Universe guiding us.

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