Lil Char and the Gang Strips 53-105


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On the regular podcast show, the Fake Nerds love to end each episode with a book club segment. Now, that segment is expanding beyond the regular show and becoming it's own series. The crew of Fake Nerd Podcast come together to go deeper into comics and explore whole series or even special deep dives they've never been able to before. It's the Fake Nerd Book Club!

This episode continues Ben's choice of the webcomic: Lil' Char and the Gang! created by Nekoama. The guys go through strips 53 to 105 and there's plenty to admire in this CHARM-ing read. The characters get fleshed out, the world expanded, and there are some pretty great story arcs in this package of strips. If you're a Pokemon fan or want a light, humorous read, you'll want to check this out.

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