10 New Decks That Will Restore Your Faith in Pioneer


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Season 14, Episode 16: Weekly Roundup

Pioneer is a brewer’s paradise and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. While the top tables at the weekly Challenges may have familiar archetypes, look a little further and you will find no shortage of spice. In today’s episode of Faithless Brewing we dissect 10 fun Pioneer decks from recent leagues and challenges that found success far off the beaten path. We look at Fight Rigging Stompy, Nine Lives Prison, Paradox Briefcase Combo, Angel Pyre with Angel of Suffering Combo, and much more. These are best Pioneer lists to nourish a brewer’s soul and restore your faith in the heart of the cards. Will any of them become a fixture in the meta? That part is up to you.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at FaithlessBrewing.com


S14E16 Decklists and Timestamps

[4:12] Housekeeping [11:46] Gruul Lukka Trasmogrify [19:54] Mono Green Stompy w/ Fight Rigging [25:44] Boros Midrange (Boat Brew 2022) [30:55] Bant Nine Lives Combo Prison [36:36] Simic Paradox Engine w/ Courier's Briefcase [40:19] GW Angel Company + Bant Angel Company [44:31] Esper Angel Pyre w/ Angel of Suffering Combo [49:11] Rakdos Waste Not w/ Ob Nixilis, the Adversary [55:02] Rakdos Madness Vampires [1:00:17] Esper Greasefang w/ Raffine + The Modern Age [1:04:38] The state of brewing in Pioneer

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