Poké Ball Factory, Route 15, Lost Hotel, Route 16, Dendemille Town, Frost Cavern, Route 17, Anistar City, Anistar Gym (Ft. Alex Bugg of Gotta Snatch 'Em All) #123


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Another long leg stretches out before our podcast heroes, but fortunately they are joined by Alex Bugg from Gotta Snatch ‘Em All once again, to help lighten the load. They take on a classic criminal syndicate hideout, discuss how exactly a Klefki works, whether or not Magnetons are a weapon of mass destruction, and both Josh & Tanner experience a pretty devastating Matchup Mayhem in their battles. Check out Alex’s podcast @gottasnatchemal, and his new genderless manicure services @put.it.in.nudetral on Instagram!

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