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Most people discover bodybuilding for the first time by word of mouth. Many competitors often make preventable mistakes from working with unqualified coaches, listening to industry bias, and following the crowd with the latest industry trends. How about the taboo topics that get swept under the rug and the people who suffer in silence too? To add to the confusion there are many federations and many divisions to choose from and they are all different. It’s time to remove veil and consolidate all the info on the entire industry into one place. Host Michele Welcome brings her first hand knowledge from 20 years of competing, coaching, and judging across 6 federations in the bodybuilding industry to help you make educated decisions on how to be your best on stage (whatever stage that is), have longevity in the sport, and not make mistakes on - and off - stage that were preventable. Get ready for a whole lot of Real Talk! Welcome to The Everything Else in Bodybuilding Podcast. Learn more at: www.eeinbb.com

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