Alex Gluchowski: zkSync – The First EVM-Compatible zkRollup Protocol


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zkSync is a trustless protocol for scalable low-cost transactions on Ethereum. It's also the only zkRollup protocol which supports EVM smart contracts.

Alex Gluchowski is co-founder of Matter Labs, and co-creator of zkSync. We spoke with Alex in depth about how the protocol works and the potential for a highly scalable transaction and application layer on Ethereum.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Alex's background and how he got into the crypto space
  • An overview of existing Ethereum scaling solutions
  • Difference between Optimistic Rollup and zkRollup
  • Transferring funds to the zkSync Layer 2 and gas fees involved
  • How the zkSync transaction sequencer works
  • Withdrawing funds to Layer 1 and timescales involved
  • How the procol deals with reorgs
  • How block formation works on zkSync
  • The function of the zkSync token

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This episode is hosted by Friederike Ernst & Sebastien Couture. Show notes and listening options:

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