Inspectors Gadgets - The Post Disaster Building Assessment Tool


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In this Episode, we’ll be talking about a BC initiative to streamline the rapid assessment and triage of damaged homes during disaster, in an effort to jumpstart recovery, and decrease the drain on response resources. What is it? Who can help? And is it a tool that would be useful across Canada? To answer these questions we’ll be talking with Patrick Cullen and Tarina Colledge who have been involved developing, implementing, and using the tool, and share their knowledge on why it’s needed, and where it’s going. All this and more on this episode of EPIC Podcast: Current, Relevant, Canadian Episode Links: Like/Follow/Share: @EPIC__podcast (twitter) (email) Hosts: Grayson Cockett Dr. Joshua Bezanson Gillian Wong Epic Podcast is Sponsored by the Alberta Podcast Network

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