Somatic Scaling


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Sacred Sales + Somatic Scaling

Create the field of energy as the selling portal.

Somatic experience is an expression of the body and her energy.

The body loves to be open and relaxed in energy sensations and pleasure.

Release subconscious from the body and awaken somatic alchemy.

The subconscious lives within the body.

The unknown patterns energy and imprints that live as transmissions contractions and closures in the mind of your body.

We can rarely tap into them without moving and opening the spaces they take up and inhabit.

You can rewrite the subconscious through the body with alchemy process.

Sustainable Scaling + Sales Expansion Awakens Through Somatic Sensation In The Body

Cultivating and creating safety in the body allows for greater scaling and growth in your business, energy, pleasure, expansion, up-levelling and wealth.

Somatic Scaling Embodied Masterclass 16th August

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