Raising Prices as a Somatic Experience


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Raising prices

We often try to meet the experience of raising our prices and the investment points for our clients from our mind however this is a body based somatic experience

Raising our prices and the multiple emotional and sensory experiences that can arrive through this process are to be felt and experienced through the body not the mind

Raising our prices is deeply rooted in worth in our own worth in the belief we have in our abilities and capacities and skills within our own area of business and creation and space holding

  • Asking for more
  • wanting more
  • receiving more
  • feeling worthy of more
  • requiring more

Any past pain or trauma or experience or limited habitual belief we have conceived and encoded within I’ll be in around receiving especially in wealth and money which is so deeply connected to pleasure and joy will inhibit our current day experience and beliefs around raising our prices for our services and offerings

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