025 Better Patient Scheduling: No Skates Required- New Practice Series


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In this episode of The Efficient Practice Podcast, I discuss Better Patient Scheduling that doesn't require roller skates. Many times, I hear dentists complain of schedules that are too jammed packed, resulting in not having enough time to complete procedures, running behind, working through lunch and working late. This poor scheduling can keep the doctor and team 'busy' which does not equal productive. Days where it seems as if the the team has seen a gazillion patients all to find out that the end of day reports reveal they haven't been productive or better yet profitable can increase stress, mistakes and fatigue for the entire office team.

Rest assured there is a better way, and this episode elaborates on how the doctor must take control and create a schedule that runs efficiently with less stress and yes, more productivity and profitability. No Roller Skates Required!

During this New Practice Series, topics and systems will be addressed that allow the practice owner to set up their dental practice the right way from the beginning thus enabling their practice to quickly achieve productivity and profitability all while eliminating stress.

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