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Artesian Kirksey is a mental skills coach who helps people marry their potential to the right mentality. A trained higher education professional and transformational speaker, Artesian has a unique 18-year background in educational leadership, instruction, organizational management and strategic planning. Over the span of his career, he has had the extreme pleasure of working with students from all walks of life, guiding them throughout the various phases of their college experiences. He has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to serve as a professor, Dean of Faculty and Dean of Academic Affairs.
A United States Marine and active member of the community, Artesian is the founder and CEO of Artwork, LLC—the leading content provider in mindset development training and curriculum. Artesian uses the techniques taught in his curriculum to help athletes of all ages reach their potential on and off the field. His clients range from student athletes to professional and his program can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual.
Artesian attributes much of his success and overall character development to the time he spent in the Marine Corps. The leadership traits that were instilled in him while in the military provided a solid foundation for his current mission: to
transform lives, one mindset at a time. Artesian is also the author of The Art of Transformation.
You can learn more about Artesian and his mission by visiting www.universalsoldieracademy.com.

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