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In 2016, Will Russell entered the e-commerce launch space working as a crowdfunding marketing consultant. Multiple six and seven-figure launches that first year meant that client interest -- and the need for a larger team -- quickly grew. In 2017, he transitioned the businesses into Russell Marketing: an innovative digital agency, specializing in e-commerce launch marketing.
Prior to product launches, Will spent his early career managing launch marketing efforts for brands and websites in the media and nonprofit space. A decade of experience in launch marketing -- across an array of industries, products, and for businesses of all sizes -- provided Will with a unique perspective on the attributes of successful launch campaigns.
Originally from San Francisco, followed by two decades in London, and now in New York, Will holds a dual degree in Philosophy & Sociology from the University of Leeds.
You can find Will at https://russellmarketing.co and on Facebook at @russellmktg

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