Ep. 219: The Hunt for Stickers - A Boone & Crockett Pennsylvania Public Land Big Woods Mountain Buck with Joe Martonik


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On this episode of the East Meets West Hunt podcast, Beau Martonik is joined by his Dad, Joe Martonik. Joe is well-known locally for consistently killing mature bucks every single year with a bow on public land in Pennsylvania. This year, he shot a once-in-a-lifetime mountain buck after 6 years of history with the buck and over 21 days of continuous hunting for him this season alone. We discuss finding this deer years ago, attempting to find his core area, adapting in the middle of the season, still-hunting him from the ground, staying mobile, and the setup for the final encounter.


Finding “Stickers” only in the summer back to 2016

Trying to find his core area

Shed hunting and spring scouting

Adapting and relocating him

Full draw on the ground (twice)

Staying mobile in the saddle

The final encounter






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Beau Martonik - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJon93sYfu9HUMKpCMps3w

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