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* Paths In Review: Taildancer

* Historical development background from the Earthdawn Journal to present day.

* One with the rhythm of the world.

* The epitome of t’skrang combat style.

* Requirements to follow the Path.

* Association with the War College of House K’tenshin.

* Review of the four schools presented in Mystic Paths.

* Edo: Area control and movement.

* Skora: Using tail as shield for defense.

* Ch’tard: Subtlety and stealth, surprise, and ambush attacks.

* Shivoavara: Offensive style, most traditional/iconic version.

* Draws on ideas of martial academies from history and pop culture.

* Less “secret society” and more “elite fraternity/sorority”.

* Initiation into the Taildancers.

* Rivalries between different schools.

* Mechanical Review: Requirements.

* Karma Ritual modification.

* Half-Magic additions.

* Path Bonuses: Physical Defense, Social Defense, Initiative boosts.

* Primary path talent options.

* New talents: Dance Partner, Tail Dance, Tail Spike, Engaging Dance.

* Ch’tard school talent options.

* New talents: Ch’tard Dance, Ch’tard Pierce.

* Sidebar about general design intentions: Expand physical combat into a more complex, crunchy system.

* Edo school talent options.

* New talents: Edo Dance, Edo Sweep.

* Shivoavara school talent options.

* New talents: Shivoavara Dance, Shivoavara Escalation.

* Skora school talent options.

* New talents: Skora Dance, Skora Slam.

* Taildancers have a lot of talent knacks, sometimes restricted by school.

* Potential downside of Taildancers hogging the spotlight in combat, expectation of system mastery.

* Unlike some paths, Taildancers are easy to incorporate into a campaign; don’t dominate narrative themes the way some paths do.

* Possibility of other schools.

* Intentionally designed for a more intensive game mechanical focus.

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