EP25: David Baddiel


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The only person evert to cast Rhys off the back of an audition, David Baddiel zooms into Early Work with the hefty anecdote collection you’d expect. School revues that turn you cool and inspire the writing process for one of the most famous songs in British history, plagiarising famous poets and getting away with it, misinterpreting flirtatious guitar lessons for an actual interest in learning the guitar. All the hallmarks of a teenager who had practically no choice but to turn to comedy. Not to mention the pretentious deep poetry with countless quotable lines to scribble onto your pencil case. Plus - an actual recording of a song(!) And Rhys reads a poem that breathes furious energy into David who doesn’t hesitate to tell Rhys what he thinks of it. Follow Early Work on Twitter @EarlyWorkPod or you can follow him @rhysjamesy Email your Early Work to earlyworkpodcast@gmail.com

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