EP23: Ivo Graham


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What could a self-proclaimed uncreative boarding school attendee like Ivo Graham have to offer the Early Work archive? Well, very on brand tales of finally putting himself out there creatively and getting roundly humiliated, of course. Ivo reads some short stories about monsters killing his friends, a book that's dangerously thrilling, a storm which turns out to be largely about Gary Neville, and a very innocent, 9 year old's view of what adults get up to in pubs - and how they get home. Plus, after some chat about their lockdown poker game, Rhys reads a poem about poker he wrote almost 15 years ago to prove just how long this habit has been going on. Oh god. Follow Early Work on Twitter @EarlyWorkPod or you can follow him @rhysjamesy Email your Early Work to earlyworkpodcast@gmail.com

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