Ep 39 | Scaling AI In Your Organisation with Errol Koolmeister, Head of AI Foundation at H&M


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In Episode 39 of Driven by Data: The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by Errol Koolmeister, Head of AI Foundation at H&M, where they discuss how to successfully productionize Artificial Intelligence at scale, which includes:

  • Why they established the foundation as an external function and then integrated it into the business
  • What the companies that are succeeding with AI are doing versus the ones who aren’t
  • Why you should focus on incremental value delivery as early as possible
  • The 3 key factors for scale: Value, Feasibility, Reusability
  • Why you should start with the most flexible use case, not the best or most valuable
  • The importance of creating infrastructure that supports AI
  • How they returned all of the investment in AI within 12 months
  • The importance of having clear ownership within the business
  • Why Reusability is the key to success to scale AI
  • Why the POV has replaced the POC
  • Merging Long-term thinking with short-term gains
  • How upskilling initiatives across the organization aided the evolution of AI
  • How to get the balance of skills within your AI team
  • What they did to create a compelling brand/narrative in the marketplace

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