Ep 38 | Building Your Brand to Stand Out From The Crowd with Christina Stathopoulos, Analytics Lead at Google


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In Episode 38 of Driven by Data: The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by Christina Stathopopolous, Analytics Lead at Google, where they discuss how to build your personal brand to stand out in the crowded Data & Analytics market, which includes:

  • Getting hired by Google
  • The importance of positivity and persistence
  • Why building a brand is overlooked and not taken an advantage of
  • How to build a personal brand despite being an introvert
  • Why consistency is key
  • Why you should look at this as an investment in yourself
  • The importance of contributing to the community
  • Don’t try to learn all of the "hard" skills
  • The importance of SQL in Data Science
  • Take every opportunity to present in public
  • The difference between, communication, people and commercial skills
  • Why sharpening your commercial skills is beneficial even if you don’t need them just yet
  • How we can tackle the gender imbalance within the world of Data
  • Why she promotes the 'Book a Week Challenge'

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