Drew And Mike – September 9, 2021


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Adam Carolla joins us, Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos trial, Ex-Tiger Delmon Young's 911 calls, Lindsey Buckingham v. Stevie Nicks, a new Bonerline, Maz checks in, and we prepare for a sporgy.SPORGY WEEKEND: Some people are saying the Detroit Lions are going to be really bad this year. D'Andre Swift is apparently a murderer according to Redditt. Michigan plays Washington. MSU plays Youngstown State. Virginia Tech plays Middle Tennessee. ITT Tech isn't a school anymore and will not be playing football.Adam Carolla comes to town Friday. Jim Norton drops in on Saturday.Howard Stern hates the unvaccinated, doesn't want them to receive healthcare and can't come to work because he's scared of COVID.Drew fears being recorded in public like Monica Lewinsky.Jack Morris will return from his suspension on Friday. Check out his new car.What's John Rocker up to these days?90% COVID Rule: Joe Biden is attacking COVID with a 6-pronged attack. Government employees must get vaxxed up. Federal unions are not happy.Terror alerts are up on the 20-year anniversary of 9/11.Elizabeth Holmes is on trial and her fans have packed the court. Her defense: failure.Miggy has 7 straight hits, but probably won't reach 3,000 this year.Delmon Young and his girlfriend's multiple 911 calls are released.Lindsey Buckingham is sour grapes and popping off. Drew declares him separated at birth with Jim Fouts.Donald Trump & DTJ are doing color commentary for the Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort.Newsweek's Michael Isikoff can't believe Linda Tripp was such a bad friend.Britney Spears takes a literal victory lap. Her ex-husband has been officially charged for his scuffle with the TSA.Manscaped.com brings you a brand new Bonerline (use promo code DREW). Call or text 209-66-Bonerline!Brandon keeps you up to date with the newest members of the Cameo Family.Adam Carolla is NOT in the Radio Hall of Fame, but he'll be an inaugural Podcast Hall of Fame. He joins us prior to his 9/10 appearance at the Royal Oak Music Theater.Steve-O is making the rounds promoting the new Jackass movie. Meanwhile, Bam Margera is a mess.We passed How U Livin' J. Piven in the rankings. You're next, Long.We interrupt Tom Mazawey's bowling league to try and do our weekly chat, but he's a little busy tossing gutter balls.MORE sexual assaults at EMU.Warde Manuel claims he did NOT apologize to Chris Webber.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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