Drew And Mike – September 7, 2021


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The Clinton/Lewinsky alternate universe, Murdaugh murder mystery, new 9/11 docs, Scott Disick, another Storm of the Century, Britney's Jason Alexander GoFundMe update, WATP's Karl joins us, and Dr. Pants-on-Fire.Drew is searching for Bachelor Bob, star of the 2005 smash hit: The Scorned.If you missed it, check out Andy Dick and his latest antics from yesterday's show.Our 8th 'Storm of the Century' may jeopardize or power situation. DTE declares themselves heroes while eating more money on radio commercials.Joe Biden got heckled on his Ida disaster tour. He was busted telling another whopper.Abortion snitching websites are a thing in Texas.Students at The University of Texas at Austin hate The University of Texas at Austin's song, but donors love it.Woodward Sports continues to roll on. Check them out.Britney Spears' first husband and owner of the Greatest Weekend Ever is struggling. His GoFundMe is also off to a rough start.White Boy Rick is getting into the dope game... but not that one.WATP's Karl joins the show to recap Stuttering John's appearance on Elisa Jordana's Kermit and Friends. Howard Stern finally returned from his summer vacation and the fans responded accordingly.Seattle may be short a few cops after mandatory vaccines for police.The Murdaugh Family Murder Mystery is taking some crazy turns. Marc has a (conspiracy) theory and BranDon jumps right on-board."Impeachment: American Crime Story" is out and you need to watch it because we're going to talk about it.We try calling Dr. Pants-On-Fire, but his listed office quickly directs us to another line while assuring us that the phone call is recorded.9/11 Coverage: Marc recaps 9/11: Inside the President's War Room since no one has Apple TV+. Gilbert Gottfried told jokes 'too soon'. The 9/11 "surfer" speaks but some people are still doubting his story.30% COVID Rule: The Mu variant will kill us all. Labor Day traveling will kill us all. Michigan numbers are down... but we're all going to die. Oscar De La Hoya is dying ASAP.Kanye's Donda is #1 and no one likes it.Drew doesn't get the East Coast/West Coast rap rivalry.You can shoot cops with real bullets if they hit you with rubber ones.The new "friendly" Taliban isn't being very nice and doesn't like protests.Janet Jackson's documentary has been announced, but we have a feeling a lot of stuff will be left out.Another baby fell out of Cardi B's WAP.North West is a better artist than Hunter Biden, but not as good as Bob Ross.The Bob Ross documentary is a boring buzzkill.Scott Disick is so mad that KK and Barker are banging all over the place. Oh, and he's single now too. Drew wants to know is he's really that hot?Kaley Cuoco ruined her marriage over Pete Davidson's "big d energy".Jeopardy! is a "s#*t show" that no one wants to host.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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