Drew And Mike – September 20, 2021


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"Blackface" Trudeau's Election Day in Canada, Emmys recap, Britney Spears back on Instagram, Aromantic v. Asexual, Kate Quigley v. Hootie, and forensic accountants are all over Morgan Wallen.The Gabby Petito case is all over the news after a body is found and a prior 911 call is released. Drew checked out the Crime Junkie Podcast and got all the details.Randy vs Lyla: Who Ya Got?More shenanigans in the Murdaugh Family Murders.Dr. Roche explained Hypo-Chrissy Teigen's buccal fat removal. Some people are saying she still looks like a deflated basketball.Britney Spears and her manic ramblings are back on Instagram.Trudi has a favorite TikTok'er.The Emmys took place and they were too Caucasian again. Drunk Conan O'Brien ruled the night. Kaley Cuoco and Lucia Aniello won Drew's 'Boobs of the Night' Award. Angela Bassett remains smoking hot at 63.Where the hell did Delta Burke go? Wherever she went, please take Paulina Porizkova with you.Michaela Coel is 'aromantic'. Not to be confused with Asexual..Amanda Gorman: Brave Enough With Robin Roberts is a thing that was on TV for some reason. Have you ever cried reading a poem? Either way, Amanda is making so much money now that she can turn down $17,000,000 in endorsements.Drew loves Kristen Dunst. Trudi loves "Dick".It's election day in Canada... which means it's time to see new Justin Trudeau blackface photos that show how much he loves cultural appropriation.Morgan Wallen is NOT doing the work. Rolling Stone and Billboard have hired forensic accountants to make sure he keeps his financial promises.Pfizer says their vaccine is safe for 5-11-year-olds. Michiganders argue via the Free Press comment section.Gretchen Whitmer is not polling well and James Craig's campaign for Governor is not off to a great start.William Hung sent us a Cameo message.BranDon is tired of calling Andy Dick every single day.MGK vs Slipknot.Kate Quigley is super angry at Hootie for not reaching out after her overdose and pretending like he did when asked about her.AOC's Met Gala mess continues to spiral.Jared Leto wears stupid clothes.Go Lions!Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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