Drew And Mike – September 15, 2021


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Vinnie from Sponge joins us, FOUTS, still mourning Norm, Larry Nassar hearings, Murdaugh Family Murder Mystery, Instagram's ruining girls, Dr. Disgusto strikes again, and Rolling Stones' Top 500 Songs of All Time.The FBI let Larry Nassar abuse gymnasts.Send in your "Chairman of the Board" move reviews to 209-66-Boner.We're still mourning the death of Norm Macdonald. Norm absolutely destroyed Michael Jackson over the years.Poop stories: Dr. Disgusto is the top story on the Oklahoma City News. We remember the great Cartman parking garage dump and discover a woman defecating at the grocery store.The MTV VMA's seem like a big deal... but nobody is watching. Trudi declares the VMAs played-out.Vinnie Dombroski dials into the show. Sponge is performing at "Rockin in the Shores" at Nine Mile and Mack in St. Clair Shores this weekend. Vinnie is going to start a new band called FOUTS.Nicki Minaj is a moron and Trinidad's government is mad she wasted their time. Dr. Fauci is angry with her too. Nicki remains on the offensive.People are celebrating the deaths of unvaccinated folks. The Freep is trying to answer the COVID questions, but not many are listening.Rolling Stone Magazine decided to re-do the Top 500 Songs of All Time. They're wrong.Shock G did ALL the drugs.Alanis Morissette has a new documentary coming up and she hates it despite participating with the filmmakers.The Murdaugh Family Murders have jumped the shark yet again.Inkster Rep, Jewell Jones, can't stay out of trouble. He also doesn't understand how cell locks work. Time Magazine names their most influential people in the world. Meghan and Not-a-Prince Harry on the list for some reason. Thomas Markle has broken his silence yet again.SpaceX had another rocket launch and nobody seems to know about it.Todd Rundgren has a huge forehead and absolutely hates the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.6% of young girls want to kill themselves because of Instagram.Dan Quayle saved America.Impeachment: American Crime Story dropped episode 2.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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