Drew And Mike – August 29, 2021


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Taylor North wins the LLWS, Maz checks in from his pool, Hurricane Ida, Kennedy News: Sirhan Sirhan's out & JFK's new mistress, the Berkley Jerker, Farrah v. Harvard, and BranDon discovers Chicago.Taylor North wins the Little League Champions. In your FACE, Ohio.Woodward Sports will be joining us along with Tom Labuda at Arts, Beats & Eats this Friday and Saturday.We chat with Tom Mazawey to spoil the LLWS final, the tearful sendoff of Lili to MSU, learn of Matthew Stafford's home sale and more.Tom and Marc remember the 10th anniversary of the passing of Killer Kowalski by revealing where they were when they learned the news.Another 'Storm of the Century' has hit SE Michigan.Sirhan Sirhan has been paroled and the Kennedy's are split on the decision. We check in with John Hinckley Jr. for advice on the outside.DaBaby and Marilyn Manson made cameo appearances at Kanye West's Donda viewing party. Drake fans are being very mean to him.The 13 service members killed in Afghanistan have been transferred back to the US.Hurricane Ida is punishing the south as we speak. Al Sharpton is anchoring the coverage on MSNBC despite talking nothing about hurricanes.COVID: Still climbing. Sturgis seems to get picked on more than any other widely attended event. Anti-Vax protests are all the rage, but some people feel that no one knows about them. Kid Rock's band has COVID. Eric Clapton has a new COVID song... but it's not as good as this one.RIP actor and Mumia Abu-Jamal superfan, Ed Asner. RIP Iron Butterfly's Ron Bushy and his drum solo.Dave Grohl is enabling Nandi.Farrah Abraham is going to sue Harvard because they are all "haters".Victoria Beckham is trying too hard.Pearl Jam's Ten is Thirty. Marc's struggling to accept he's old.A Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines has been relieved of his duties after criticizing military leaders on their handling of Afghanistan.JFK had so many "strange pieces of a**" that they are still coming out of the woodwork. Presenting his team photo.Impeachment: American Crime Story is coming soon and Sarah Paulson is in trouble again because she's not fat.ESPN/ABC/Disney seem to be the wokest.Lewis & Clark have nothing on BranDon as he has discovered Chicago. He remains jet lagged from his trip to the WATP Live Show in Lombard, IL.Marc's neighbor went to Drew's gym and exposed himself and his c-ring.Drew Crime: 48 Hours covers Mary Gillispie and the Circleville Letters.Bill Maher has lessons from Afghanistan.Enjoy Drew's conversation with Ed of Radio Ink on 'How to Make Money Podcasting'.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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