Drew And Mike – August 19, 2021


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Dream Cruise weekend, US Capitol bomb scare with livestream, Britney Spears cop drama, Jeopardy! fans v. new host, RIP Bill Freehan, a Bonerline, Maz checks in, and Trudi v. Alice Cooper & his scheduled interview time.Weekend in the D: The Woodward Dream Cruise is here. The Berkley CruiseFest tries to weasel in owns Friday night. Vinny the 'High Maintenance Intern' will not be in attendance at the Pitbull concert, but Deena Centofanti could use a ticket.Everybody who sees Tom Labuda at Arts, Beats and Eats needs to take a selfie and text it to 209-66-Boner.Drew awards himself a 'Drewlitzer' Prize for this fantastic photo of Miguel Cabrera. Miggy remains at 499 homers.Maz announces the Legacy Partners July winner... in August. Congrats to ___________.Shohei Ohtani isn't offended by Jack Morris' comments, but many people are on his behalf. Deadspin labels Jack a racist.RIP Tigers Legend & should-by-Hall-of-Famer Bill Freehan.Music: The Foo Fighters will play at the MTV VMA's and receive some made up award. The Rolling Stones reissue Tattoo You and drop an unreleased song. Neil Young bails because of COVID. Jason Isbell bails because of COVID. NIN bails because of COVID. Garth Brooks bails because of COVID.Michigan Football rolls on with a FULL stadium.More Music: R.E.M. does a bunch of covers. All Things Must Pass re-release is #7 on the Billboard charts.Trudi is very nervous that Alice Cooper might stiff us for our scheduled interview.Comcast blames their recent lackluster service on DTE's crappy service. DTE is the worst and Trevor Lauer knows there's nothing customers can do about it.Manscaped.com brings you a new Bonerline. Use promo code DREW.Floyd Ray Roseberry tried to talk to Joe Biden by threatening to blow up the Capitol. Spoiler Alert: his bomb wasn't going to do any damage. Drew is jealous of his social media presence and would like you to follow him.George Stephanopoulos grilled Joe Biden on Afghanistan. Amusement parks are in danger in Afghanistan because the Taliban hates fun.Miles Routledge's vacation didn't turn out to well.Antonio Brown is still "on brand" as he was kicked out of practice for getting into a fist fight.Trevor Bauer gets a minor victory in court.Tom Mazawey joins the show to discuss his shopping spree with Maddie, Maddie vs The Hobbit, Chad Johnson vs Mazawey's microphone, his take on the Jack Morris debacle, the death of Leonard Thompson, and complains about Don Muhlbach being fired on his birthday.Everybody hates the new Jeopardy? host so much that they are digging into his old podcast to get him canceled.Drew admits he is jealous of Ryan Seacrest and Bobby Bones.Britney Spears' housekeeper filed a police report on Britney for assault because she cared about the pop star's dog. Just last week Britney called 911 to come to her house to report a theft, but then changed her mind when they got there. Here's Britney's boobs again.Social media is dumb but we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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