Episode 327: Rediscovering Your Music: A Conversation with Lia Menaker


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With expressive, soulful vocals soaring over a mix of ambient pop, electronic, and alternative R&B sounds, Lia Menaker’s music moves beyond genre to sit in a world of its own. Dubbed “Noirtronica” by WXPN radio, Menaker’s music calls back to jazz vocalists like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse - while also experimenting with space and percussive electronic elements reminiscent of Bjork and Portishead.
Menaker's music has been played over radio stations across the east coast, including Philadelphia's iHeartRadio (Alt 104.5) and NPR (WXPN 88.5), who consequently included Menaker in the “2020 Best of Philly: Pandemic Edition.” She also created the original score for Welcome to Campfire's danceplay and subsequent film, "Subject". Now based in Philadelphia, Menaker has performed in 50+ cities around the country. She balances performing (locally and online) with producing and vocal coaching through her home studio.

Learn more about Lia's journey and her journey of discovery and rediscovery on today's episode of Dreams Not Memes.


IG: instagram.com/liamenaker;

FB: Facebook.com/liamenaker

Bandcamp: https://liamenaker.bandcamp.com;

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/37NS0lpeIGIA2qNDr5HtyM;

YouTube: youtube.com/liamenaker

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