#10 - Jar of Hearts #2 ❤️❤️❤️


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Show notes:

  • (00:24): Three identities, one gentleman?
  • (01:43): First gentleman: Luxury design background
  • (04:00): How to spot a catfish
  • (08:22): Asking to participate in a trade show: 2-pieces of artwork worth $350,000
  • (10:47): Second gentleman: Self-employed
  • (15:15): Third gentleman: Executive at Shell company
  • (19:12): Love bombing experience
  • (21:18): Jar of hearts for men and women

“ I think knowledge is power and power comes from knowing and having due diligence” - Donna

“Women out here have vulnerable.” - Donna

“Jar of hearts is not just for men, it's for women as well.” - Donna

“We all are looking for a relationship. We all are looking for someone to share our life with.” - Donna

“I'm looking for someone to walk through life with. I don't want to be in their shadows. I don't want to be in their love-bombing tactics. I want to be involved with the real person.” - Donna

“ABC - Ambition, Brains, and Character. All goes hand in hand with my selection of ABCs.” - Donna

“I was thinking how many women out there are being attracted to these men, men who appear to have an amazing career, men who have been waiting all their lives for you to walk into their lives, and perhaps men who seem to be calling you endearing names.” - Donna

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