213: FSU Football Bowl ANNOUNCED + Transfer Portal TARGET Positions


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The Florida Seminoles learned both their Bowl Game opponent and their destination on Sunday. Mike Norvell and the Noles will be heading to Orlando to take on the Oklahoma Sooners. The game will be at 5:30 pm on December 29th in Camping World Stadium.
TJ and Richie share some of their fondest (and a few not so fond) memories of the matchup with the Sooners.
The Transfer Portal officially opens up and in addition to the High School Recruiting that Mike Norvell and his staff are doing, the Transfer Portal Recruiting will be massive as well. We list some positions of need and some likely positions FSU will target.
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Image of Osceola taken by Melina Myers. View her full game day album here: https://t.co/sju8zDFmN2

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