Conan Doyle and Professor Challenger, with Stephen J. Carver


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This episode, Paul and I are delighted to welcome to the podcast Dr Stephen Carver, author, biographer and recipient of one of the ACD Society’s Inaugural Doylean Honours for his excellent Wordsworth Editions blog on the Professor Challenger stories.

We talk with Stephen about the appeal of Professor Challenger to readers and to Conan Doyle, The Land of Mist and Challenger’s spiritualist conversion, the perils and successes of the professional writer, plus gothic writing, dinosaurs and murdering evil-doers in scientific experiments.

You can read the Professor Challenger stories here.

Or visit Stephen's website here.

And read the show notes here.

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We travel to the early nineteenth-century for some diplomatic intrigue in ‘A Foreign Office Romance’ (1894). You can read the story here.


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