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As travel restrictions relax, maybe it’s time to give Cully’s Adventures Unlimited a whirl?

His ship’s a bit of a squeeze but the elderly Lothario can secretly sail you to the enticing Island of Death with its distinctive countryside, prestigious museum and friendly fellow tourists, The Dominators.

Their Quarks are as cheesy as they sound – and they sound ridiculous. Nevertheless they’re more than capable of duffing up the docile Dulkians, who are wetter than a Sea Devil’s shower cap.

TV’s Brian Cant offers some resistance for a while but then departs for a smoke so it’s up to Jamie, Zoe, the Doctor and some other bloke dressed as the Doctor to save the day.

But what the heck is a rob’t?

Will Rago and Toba ever seek marriage guidance?

What did Cully witness when Jamie climbed that ladder?

And did The Dominators recharge Jim and Martin’s batteries or leave them as demoralised as a person pretending to be a dummy of a person?

Listen to find out!

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