3.16 Short Trips - Totem


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THIS week's episode of Pieces of Eighth brings you a first - we actually have a reading of a full, officially licensed BBC Doctor Who story (except we've done it unofficially!).

We bring you a full reading of Tara Samms' Totem, which originally appeared in the book More Short Trips. It's been performed by Becca, with Kenny on sound design.

And then, to top it all off, we've got an interview with Steve Cole, who was the editor of the collection and tells us more about Totem.

(And we've got to say thanks to our friends over at Fiction Paradox, the world's only Eighth Doctor BBC Books-dedicated podcast, that they know of) for reminding us of the story, and to those cheeky chappies at The Sirens of Audio podcast, who've previously brought Short Trips to life as readings, for the inspiration to do this)

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