DNVR Rugby Podcast: Rebel Rugby Academy's Ethan Pougnet and the Premier Rugby Sevens


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Colton kicks off the show with “The Breakdown” presented by O’Neills by talking about USA Rugby's loss to Uruguay, the measuring stick that the American Raptors' next two matches will provide, and all of the rugby you can watch this weekend (0:00-7:38). After “The Breakdown”, Colton talks with Ethan Pougnet of the Rebel Rugby Academy about his vision for the academy, his experience coaching The Team at the inaugural Premier Rugby Sevens event, and what the future of sevens rugby in the United States looks like (7:40-33:04). Following the interview with Ethan, Colton assigns some "Required Reading" and closes the show with “The Loop” (33:06-34:38).

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