New Year Holiday Soap Treats - In Conversation with Sean Wilson who played Corrie's Martin Platt for 21 Years


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We start the New Year with a treat for the extended break - an interview with Sean Wilson who played Martin Platt in Coronation Street for 21 years. Sean has many strings to his bow as we'll find out - acting, art and cheese to name but three! Here he tells Ashley about his early acting credit in Crown Court, his professional working relationship with Jack P Shepherd, Sue Nichols and Helen Worth, supporting Warren Jackson and Adam Rickett, advice from Thelma Barlow - and a dangerous encounter with a hand bag owned by 'Poison Ivy' (Lynne Perrie). Enjoy!
And of course you can hear tons of interviews with other Coronation Street stars on Distinct Nostalgia. Have a trawl through our archive wherever you get your podcasts.
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