What if a Fly on the Wall of Your Life Could Speak? Featuring Hollywood Voice Actor and Author Mr. Harlan Rector


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The title of this Podcast is Discovering and Living the Best Version…of YOU! That said, we’ll never attain that lofty standard unless and until, we discover, then live…our Divine gift, our purpose, regardless of age! It’s never too late!
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Key Topics:

  • How do people find purpose in life at any age and stage of life? How can life, ultimately matter? When looking back and forward on one's life, did it mean something? What was your purpose? After a long standing and successful career with a major New York firm as Art Director, life orchestrated Harlan to pursue an unmistakable new direction. You can't make this stuff up!
  • No matter one's race, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, religious preference, ethnic heritage or profession/vocation, all of mankind possess intrinsic value and have something of great worth to bring to the table to benefit the world, regardless of age!
  • Harlan presents a life-energizing model which proclaims that one should never retire from something, but rather to something!


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A Realtor in AZ for 10 years, her main goal is to

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