Claiming YOUR Divine Heart Transplant...You Rebel You! Featuring Mind Hacker, Coach, Author and Hypnotherapist Karin Tyden


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Brief Episode Summary:
It didn’t take very long at all as I feverishly dove into our guest’s book, “Mind Hacking for Rebels,” to discover something that means a great deal to me…I’m an authentic unapologetic Rebel! You dear listener may end up making the same claim! This I promise you…wherever you are on your life-journey, if you will carefully read and diligently apply this book to your life, it will not be long before you experience exciting positive change on a myriad of levels! I am!
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Key Topics:

  • One of our most basic survival strategies is to become when we're growing up, as similar as possible to our caretakers, for example our parents. Mirror neurons allow us to do that. What are the implications of this?
  • What do you want the listeners to this podcast episode understand about hacking? It's not all bad!
  • Good self-esteem and self-confidence are not something you either have or don't. How are they built?
  • Fear shrinks our brain capacity at great cost! What are some solutions one can employ to gain a victory over fear?
  • How do emotions and feelings play out in the human experience?
  • You say that we need to slow down to speed up. Why are we so reluctant to slow down and how do we make progress?
  • How does one begin getting in touch with the intelligence of their heart? The benefits are out of this world...literally!


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