Stay Dirty. Stay Moderate: Democracy be Damned?


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Fascist, Trumplican candidates like Mehmet Oz, Kari Lake, J.D. Vance, and Herschel Walker are simultaneously being discredited and continuing to ascend because of inflation. Inflation remains high at 8.2%. We've all heard this number. And despite knowing democracy is in peril, voters can't afford basic necessities - meats, poultry, fish and eggs are up 9% ; fruits and vegetables are up 10.4% ; electricity is up 15.5% ; utility gas service is up 33.1% ; airline fares are up 42.9% ahead of holiday travel ; and rent is up 7.2%.
Both Trump and Biden's administration passed a combined necessary $4 Trillion in pandemic aid. OPEC cut oil production while gas companies continue to price gouge. Global supply chains continue to be choked by international upheaval, including Putin's war in Ukraine and China's threat of war. We have no choice: we must save democracy here at home in order to save it globally while also combating inflation at the same time. But we can only achieve these two things at once with the right people in power. MAGA fascists don't care about inflation and don't want democracy.
With that in mind, don’t forget:,,! Get registered to vote if you’re not already and register everyone you know. You can even help them figure out where they're nearest voting location is and when they can vote! Don’t be one of the 101 Million Americans who didn’t perform their civic duty in 2020.
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