#75 - The Machine Learning Strategy That Makes Facebook Ads More Profitable


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Facebook is king. But, don't take my word for it; just ask someone if they have a Facebook account. The chances are that they will say "Yes!"

Do you know how many people use Facebook every month? Over 2.6 billion users! And 1.73 billion of those users are on it daily. So I know you can see the opportunity here.

So, let's talk about ads! What used to be a simple way for brands to reach their customers is now a complicated mess of algorithms and machine learning. Chances are that your company will pay just as much money for fewer views than before. With personalized ads, brands can cost-effectively reach customers. They help businesses grow, create jobs, and provide people with a better experience. Through Facebook's auction system, where machine learning is taking over, advertisers can produce the perfect ad for the perfect person.

In today’s episode let’s dive into The Machine Learning Strategy That Makes Facebook Ads More Profitable.

What you will learn:

  1. How does Facebook decide which ads to show - Facebook uses two factors in its advertising algorithm: targeting and auction.

  2. What is Machine-Learning - Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that's designed to learn from experience rather than being pre-programmed.

  3. How does machine learning improve ad delivery - Facebook's system collects information to improve its calculations, ultimately maximizing value for both parties and ad delivery.

  4. What controls are available to consumers to control their ad delivery experience - Consumers can use the Ad Preferences and "Why am I seeing this" feature to control what ads show up in their ad feed.

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