#72 - 6 Discovery Call Strategies to Help You Land More Clients


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The rise in discovery calls seems to happen in waves. Small businesses, like ours, see a surge of discovery calls right around New Year's, at the beginning of spring, and just before the end of summer. By understanding the pattern behind the trend, you can be proactive about it to ensure that your company is ready to go for the busy times.

Of course, the goal of any discovery call is to close the deal and enter into the onboarding process for your clients. The "Yes" is great, but what comes after the purchase is even more critical. Businesses should create an easy customer onboarding process to ensure that sales are converted into lifelong customers. The key to a successful onboarding process starts with good sales messaging that showcases the value and then continues through nurturing to customer loyalty.

I quickly realized during my own sessions that I hadn't executed a system to make an excellent first impression with potential clients. I felt unprepared, and the stress was killing me. In fact, I have learned a lot over the past 20 years in business of what not to do. I want to share a little bit of what I have learned with you today in today's episode 6 Discovery Call Strategies to Help You Land More Clients.

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