#70 - How the iOS15 Update will Impact Email Marketing


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Apple has done it again with their privacy updates and the iOS15 update; this now affects email tracking and how email marketers communicate with audiences. So, as an email marketer or interested SME business leader, what do you need to know?

Think about it, today our phones have more information on them than what most of us keep lying around the house. That's the cold hard truth, and why many of us are choosing to ride the privacy wave.

We are always looking for new ways to deliver the content that customers demand and marketers' jobs depend on. This includes privacy measures and personalization of targeting information in order to satisfy those who purchase products or services from you, which we completely understand; but at what cost?

One thing we have learned from algorithms and Facebook is that marketing changes daily. Just as we all have been pivoting in our marketing plans since iOS12 - the same applies here.

Find out what's in store and how you can prepare your business for changes in email marketing on today's episode with The Key iOS15 Update and Who's Going to Lose.

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