#67 - How Automating Client Onboarding Makes Life Easier for Everyone!


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When growing your business, probably the most vital component, second to, say, your product, is your clients. Where would you be without them to market and sell to?

If you're going to develop a regular relationship with these lovely people, you're going to have to onboard them! But does that mean personally interacting with each and every one of them? If you want the best results for your brand, it sure does! Do you need to collect every piece of information from them by hand? Ideally, no, thank you!

To focus as much of your energy on the client, I recommend automating most of the process. It gets all the small details taken care of so you can get to work for your client immediately! To help you design your method, I want to share how I optimize my client onboarding.

Check it all out in detail on my blog!

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