#39 - 5 Ways a Social Media Expert Can Grow Your Audience Quickly


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Do you feel that your social media growth has stalled?

One of the most frustrating parts about creating an online community is the feeling that it isn’t growing. You start pages for your businesses on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and invest hours and hours into them, only to see your followers tick up one at a time in slow motion.

Many social media “experts” will tell you that the trick to social media is perseverance, and I agree with that. However, it’s important to remember that spending hours every day on social media is NOT your job! And it’s NOT a good use of your time! You’re a small business owner with a ton of daily responsibilities, not to mention you should be spending the bulk of your time on that one thing that only you can do. Spending your time on Instagram is not one of them.

You may be wondering how you can grow your social media if you aren’t supposed to be spending your time doing so, right? In this episode, I will go over how a digital marketing team can handle the daily engagement, figure out the best groups for your business, discover hashtags for your specific audience, create content that is engaging, and help you succeed with your Instagram Stories!

Hiring a digital marketing team with social media marketing experience is an excellent investment for any small business owner.

View complete details on my blog post!

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