#32 - How to Double Your Income by Working Less


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Over the last year, did it ever feel like you're working much more for less?

For many people, their dream is to work from home. They believe that it will give them freedom! No more commuting in the morning and evening, they can have lunch in their own kitchen, if their kids need them, they can be there. Here is the thing, though… It's a trap! Haha!

Working from home isn't the pleasure cruise that many people think it is. When you work from an office, quitting time really is quitting time. There is a clear line between being at work and being at home. But when you work from home, that line quickly becomes blurred. Very blurred.

Over the 20 years that I have worked from home, I’ve learned a lot of tricks to keeping productivity up when faced with the challenges that work from home life can bring so that you can be successful in your small business! Some tips you will discover in this episode are:

  • Optimizing Your Time
  • Creating a Master To-Do List
  • Building Your Products and Services
  • Building Your Team

I know that working from home can feel like you are doing the job of 3 + full-time employees. Hiring a virtual assistant is the fastest and least expensive way to increase your productivity!

View complete details on my blog post!

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